Sunday, October 3

Fox News changes story!

Fox News has changed the original story! Expected as much. Hopefully the major blogs will call their readers to action and bloody well do something about this!

And then there were the pranksters in the audience . . . the Communists for Kerry (who, in fact, are rooting for Bush) and the Billionaires for Bush (who, of course, are Kerry supporters).

"We're trying to get Comrade Kerry elected and get that capitalist enabler George Bush out of office," said 17-year-old Komoselutes Rob of Communists for Kerry.

"Even though he, too, is a capitalist, he supports my socialist values more than President Bush," said Rob.

Asked several times if his group was a parody, Rob insisted with a straight face that the Communists for Kerry were not, in fact, supporting Bush.

Look at how Fox News tries to take the focus off their lies about Kerry by
immediately following up on the Kerry parody group fiasco with a Bush parody group. As though the object of this article was about parody groups and not to smear John Kerry. The difference btw the two articles is very telling. They completely altered the original article to make it look like it was no big deal. They are despicable. Burn in hell Fox News.

On the other side were the Billionaires for Bush, who in fact are supporting Kerry.

"There should have been some advertising, some commercials to generate money for the U.S.A.," said Hugh G. Monument, VII.

The Bush "supporter" then extolled the president's virtues.

"What I love about Bush is his money and his ability to make more money," he said. 

Monument also said that he had increased his ketchup intake as a nod to Kerry and his wife, Teresa.

So why show support for both seemingly night-and-day candidates?

"Darling," he explained, "it's called hedging."

Editor’s Note:

In an version of this article that was published earlier, the Communists for Kerry were portrayed as a group that was supporting John Kerry for president.’s reporter asked the group’s representative several times whether the group was legitimate and supporting the Democratic candidate, and the spokesman insisted that it was. Communists for Kerry is, in fact, a parody group.

That's it? Where's the retraction? The apology? How the hell can they get away with this? This story was up for over a day, doing untold damage to Kerry's reputation, as was undoubtedly the goal, and they don't even apologize or fake-reprimand the author as they did to Carl Cameron!
*screams bloody murder* Fox fictitiously reports that North Korea supports Kerry for president and this is how they correct their lies?!?

They are going to pay for this if it's the last thing I do.


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