Monday, July 31


Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) tells Bush, "This madness must stop."

Hagel has been one of the more moderate voices among the modern Republican Senate, often (though mildly) criticizing the Bush administration's execution of the Iraq war and its stance on other foreign policy issues. I've often, while watching him on the Sunday morning news shows, thought him to be far more appealing than John McCain, and reluctantly thinking that if I were a Republican, this would be my guy. If he were, as predicted, a presidential candidate in '08, the Republican Party would be smart to select Hagel, but they won't. He hasn't shown the proper obeisance to Bush and the religious right.

But even when I've had positive thoughts about Hagel, they've always been tempered by the knowledge that his hugely surprising victory in the 1996 Senatorial race in Nebraska was tainted by his ownership position in the very company that produced the voting machines that delivered that unexpected win.



Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

That is one way to win an election.

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