Friday, December 30


Another Motherlode Whimsy (sung to the tune of the old hymn
This Is My Father's World):

This is George Bush's world --
I tremble at the thought
That Cheney rules while Dubya drools
And rants about terrorist plots.

This is George Bush's world
Where fear absolves his crimes;
It lets him lie, on the people spy --
It's all justified by the times!

This is George Bush's world,
9/11 changed it all.
Bush said invade, it's a new crusade,
And henceforth I'm above the law.

This is George Bush's world
And its wealth meant for the few.
To fund tax breaks for the well-heeled's sakes
Assistance to the poor he'll eschew.

This is George Bush's world,
It reflects his hopes and dreams
For power, greed, and a zealot's need
To dominate us all with his schemes.

This is the Bushies’ world,
But it’s only theirs on lease;
In three years’ time we can boot the slime,
Restore our nation’s honor and peace.


Blogger Scott said...

Republicans have done a great job creating cynicism and apathy. So many people have been turned off to the process by Bush and Co., that its created the perfect minority-rule opportunity. My bet is that people have just about had enough and the sleeping giant will awaken to cast a vote in 2006. Beware the populist backlash. Visit for a Christian liberal perspective.

8:23 AM  

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