Wednesday, March 15


With apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein:

It’s a very ancient saying
(And a true and honest thought)
That if you do what’s illegal
There’s the chance you might be caught.
As a voter I’ve been learning
When old Dubya breaks the law
There’s a privilege in Congress
That affords more shock and awe:
Getting to clear him.

Getting to clear him,
Changing the law to protect him
Rushing to clear him
That is their priority
“We are at war!” and
Putting it their way concisely
That is precisely
Why he gets off free.

Eager to clear him,
They abdicate their sworn duty
Won’t get their booty
Daring to investigate
Haven’t you noticed
Everything’s just rootin’-tooty?
So why should any Republican obsess
Should the president transgress
They dictate.


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