Friday, August 13


Chris Matthews is a puzzlement. Two nights ago I was literally screaming at his nonsense on Hardball. He was swallowing everything the Swifty Vets were saying in the most "oh my God I can't believe it, this is going to hurt Kerry SO BADLY" manner, challenging them on next to nothing (does this guy EVER do his homework?). Last night he was all over John O'Neill, cutting him off, demanding specifics, questioning his motives, giving John Hurley, National Director of Veterans for Kerry, the last word (and boy is that guy good! the Kerry folks should have him on every broadcast on every channel). While Chris was as obnoxious as always, asking a question and then cutting the responder off before they've hardly begun to answer in order to ask another, at least night he was cutting off the right guy! But when I go to Tweety's web site to look for the transcript, what do I see? AN EXCERPT FROM O'NEILL'S BOOK!!!!!

I realize Chris must be panicking at the thought of Microsoft selling off MSNBC and forcing him to beg Fox for a job, but what the hey? At any rate, I fired off an e-mail asking in the name of "fairness and balance," that he add an excerpt from Doug Brinkley's book Tour of Duty to his site until he removes Unfit for Command.


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