Monday, August 30


Bob Novak, he of out-Valerie-Plame fame, has a little problem with disclosure and situational ethics:

Among the stoutest defenders of "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry," the best-selling book arguing that Mr. Kerry lied about his record of service in Vietnam, is the columnist Robert Novak.

In his syndicated columns and on the CNN program "Crossfire," Mr. Novak has lauded the book and referred to veterans who criticize Mr. Kerry - most notably John E. O'Neill, the book's co-author - as "real patriots."

Unmentioned in Mr. Novak's columns and television appearances, however, is a personal connection he has to the book: his son, Alex Novak, is the director of marketing for its publisher, the conservative publishing house Regnery.

In a telephone interview, Robert Novak said he saw no need to disclose the link.

"I don't think it's relevant," he said.

"I'm just functioning as a columnist with a point of view, and a strong point of view," he added.

And CNN wonders why their ratings continue to slide. At least on Fox, you KNOW you're being spun. CNN persists in calling itself "trusted" when people like Bob Novak, Darryn Kagan (Rush Limbaugh's newest flirt and David Letterman nemesis), Wolf Blitzer, Paula Zahn, and Judy Woodruff have long lost whatever dregs of journalistic credibility and/or integrity they fancied they had left...


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