Thursday, September 16

Annan: Invasion of Iraq 'illegal'

Annan: Invasion of Iraq 'illegal' |

Annan: Invasion of Iraq 'illegal'
Also, US intel report shows 'dark prospects' for Iraq, as Bush's postwar policy takes other hits.
by Tom Regan |

In an interview with the BBC Wednesday, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said the decision to launch an invasion of Iraq should have been taken by the entire United Nations, and not taken unilaterially. When pressed for a third time by a BBC interviewer if that meant that the invasion was illegal, Mr. Annan said that "if you like" it was "not in conformity with the UN charter from our point of view, and from the charter point of view it was illegal."

"I think in the end everybody's concluded it's best to work together with our allies and through the UN," he said. "I hope we do not see another Iraq-type operation for a long time - without UN approval and much broader support from the international community," he added.
Annan also said that, given the current levels of unrest in Iraq, it was unlikely that it would be possible for "credible" elections to be held by the current scheduled date in January.

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