Sunday, September 19


I've had just about enough of that favorite GOP press shill employed by CNN, Bill Schneider. Unbelievably, I just heard him say on CNN that Dick Cheney is right, Osama Bin Laden certainly wants Bush defeated, ergo he'd very much like to see John Kerry elected. He implied that anyone listening to the relative messages coming from the White House and the Kerry campaign would agree which ones would alarm Osama and which would not.

HOW DOES HE KNOW THAT? Logic says that since Bush is the terrorists' "wet dream" in terms of his policies aiding recruiting efforts, radicalizing moderate Arabs, and wrecking the American economy with his misadventures in Iraq, that radical Islamists would love to see Bush carry on. Schneider is, as usual, conflating Bush's anti-terrorist rhetoric with actual progress in the war against them.


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