Friday, September 10


Oh goody. George is getting so cocky he's got MSNBC (who'd-a thunk it!) actually correcting his lies:

In a harsh new attack on rival John Kerry, President Bush said Friday that if the Democratic presidential candidate “had his way,” Saddam Hussein’s regime would be running Iraq and threatening the safety of other nations.

In response to what it described as “George Bush’s distortions,” the Kerry campaign said, “Dick Cheney crossed the line earlier this week, so it’s no shock that George Bush is following his lead today.” Cheney had remarked that “the wrong choice” by voters could lead to another attack by terrorists.
“The newest wrinkle is that Sen. Kerry has now decided we are spending too much money in Iraq even though he criticized us earlier for not spending enough,” Bush said. “One thing about Sen. Kerry’s position is clear ... if he had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be in power and would still be a threat to our security and to the world.”

Kerry has not chided Bush for spending too much money on the war but has criticized the president for engaging in “a war of choice” without obtaining more financial support from allies.
[emphasis mine] The war has cost nearly $200 billion that, according to Kerry, could have been used for domestic programs.

At a question-and-answer event in Portsmouth, Ohio, where the unemployment rate this year has hit double digits, a Bush supporter told the president that Kerry attended “the school of flip flops.” Bush said that Kerry and running mate John Edwards were among only four senators who voted yes to “use force but ’no’ when it comes to funding the troops.”

Kerry has said he voted for the $87 billion appropriation for the war when it was to be paid with revenues from rollbacks on some of Bush’s tax cuts. When the Republican-controlled Senate rejected that version, Kerry and Edwards voted against it.


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