Thursday, September 30


I'm speechless. From my perspective, it was 80-20 Kerry. Bush was so fumbling, unconvincing, and incoherent I couldn't believe it. This was so far beyond my expectations I actually started feeling compassionate for Bush about 30 minutes into it.

I started to blog the debate but stopped about 10 minutes in. I was almost paralyzed with disbelief.

As I started to listen to the post-debate reports, at first I was appalled and dismayed. People were actually saying that Bush was adequate but not exciting, and Kerry didn't hit the homer I knew he did. As the hour has worn on, I am finally hearing a (MSNBC - Joe Scarborough) panel speaking a little more courageously about Bush's poor performance. But only a little.

We live in Bizarro World.

UPDATE: They're trying to spin John Kerry as the anti-war, and therefore neutral-on-the-terrorists candidate.

UPDATE: Who looked more presidential? Joe Scarborough: I'm a Republican, and I say John Kerry. Howard Fineman: John Kerry. Kerry won the event.


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