Saturday, September 25


Kerry's hot:

The Democratic nominee promised to destroy terrorist networks by going after their arms and financing; to revamp and enhance the intelligence apparatus to ferret them out; to build up an overstretched military by 40,000 troops; to support Middle Eastern democracies; and to increase funding for homeland security and for more intense cargo inspections at ports and other points of entry.

"The Bush administration is spending more in Iraq in four days than they've spent protecting our ports for all of the last three years," Kerry charged.

Kerry assailed Bush for alienating longtime U.S. allies, pledging as he has before to rebuild global relationships. "I have news for President Bush: Just because you can't do something doesn't mean it can't be done," Kerry said. "It can be. My friends, it's not George Bush's style that keeps our allies from helping. It's his judgment." [emphasis mine]
Vice President Cheney weighed in from Lafayette, La., telling supporters: "John Kerry is trying to tear down and trash all the good that has been accomplished."

Somebody please explain it to me "like I was a four-year-old." What exactly is all the good that has been accomplished in Iraq? Does anyone seriously believe that our missionary-like repainting of schools and passing out chocolate bars to Iraqi kids has significantly improved Iraqi lives when bombs are exploding all around them, women and girls are now subject to the same suppressive Islamofascist rules and laws that govern in Iran and Saudi Arabia, electrical power is an on-again, off-again experience, there is NO CLEAN DRINKING WATER in the entire country, and hospitals are so busy treating the war wounded that they have little capacity for ordinary illness? Does "all the good" include the fact that the only available job opportunities are to enlist in the Iraqi army or police force where they will have the choice of either being targeted for death by their countrymen or turning their weapons on their countrymen themselves?


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