Tuesday, September 28


So Lou Dobbs went to commercial, and I flipped over to Fox to see what the wackos are saying. Surprise! Charles Krauthammer actually made a good point: Americans seem to be agreeing with Kerry's assessment of the war, but they're still going to vote for Bush because he holds out the promise of VICTORY AT THE END, which they believe Kerry does not.

Kerry needs to retitle his "four-point plan" as "a plan for victory in Iraq." That would take the bluster out of the wacko meme, "Kerry is demoralizing the troops by his pessimism," and highlight Bush's incompetence. It is, in fact, how Richard Nixon beat Vice President Hubert Humphrey in 1968 -- by emphasizing he had a plan to "win" in Vietnam, whereas Humphrey would just continue Johnson's tired old unsuccessful war policy.


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