Monday, September 13

The funny thing about republicans

If a fire was burning down one of the houses in a neighborhood and a republican was found at fault for it he would simply say, "You're such a pessimist. Don't you see all the houses that didn't burn down? You're always harping on the negative. Where were you when no houses were burning down? Less houses burn down in America than anywhere else in the world. We have the best fire-fighters in the world. I would be careful not to denegrate the American fire-fighter. They are heroes and anyone that denegrates such heroes should be ashamed of themselves. Many gave their lives for our country on 9/11 and that kind of sacrifice should not be thrown back in the faces of their surviving families! How dare they?! We are doing our best and anyone that says differently can't be taken seriously. We are monitoring the house-burning situation very closely and intend to do all that can be done to avoid house-fires in the future, as we have done in the past.

Quote the reporter, "But it's being said that you simply turned off the alarm at the fire-station when it interrupted your afternoon nap. Do you have any comment?"

Quote the Republican," How you can stand there and suggest the people in charge of the safety of this neighborhood, the people that protect others as an every-day obligation, would allow innocent people to be killed in a fire is the most outrageous, the most irresponsible, the most sickening thing i have heard since entering public office."

Sound familiar?


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