Thursday, September 30


Must-reads for today:

Via Working for Change, Molly Ivins says, "When things get this weird, one metaphor just isn't enough" -- "Alice, we're in the Twilight Zone of Wonderland." This is a great "elevator speech" as we say in marketing; i.e., it makes just the right points in a compelling way, but briefly. Share it with your friends.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has some debate questions for George W. Bush.

Bush's hometown newspaper says "Kerry will restore American dignity."

Another Bush National Guard document has been released, this one a letter from Bush while he was at Harvard Business School "resigning" from the Guard because of ""inadequate time to fulfill possible future commitments." Hey, military family of mine -- did you know you could do that?

Well, well. Atrios tells us that MSNBC won't be using GOP operative and sometime-pollster Frank Luntz after the debate tonight.

The Washington Post has a primer on the debate that that says, "Both Bush and Kerry Have Set the Stage With Some Misleading Claims," and debunks some of them.


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