Saturday, September 25

How amusing to watch Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Kitchens (both Brits and Republican-leaning) on CNBC's Tim Russert Show discussing the Swifties. Who would have imagined a year ago that Sully would be disparaging "the chutzpah" of Bush and his cronies in attacking Kerry's war record when Bush was so clearly a slacker/AWOL in his own self-serving Guard service?


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Well, I try not to give parental advice - at least as a general rule, and thus it would be hard for me to answer your question "What's a parent to do?". However, maybe this will help a bit, maybe not.

Tell your daughters that I have worked for and with John Kerry for about 3 months now, and that I am convinced that they are wrong in this assumption about John Kerry. He may "strike" you as a liar, but this is your preception of what you see on television, what the media spin and the spin from the campaigns allows you to see. Seeing him, and this campaign from the inside out I can tell you he is a man of his word.

Politics is politics, and no one who works in this field has completely clean hands. Life is life, and no one who lives in it has clean hands either.

The other part of the statement was that you don't trust John Kerry, and I can understand that. He is an unknown quantity as to how well he we lead this country, and we know exactly what we will get from President Bush. That is one reason that the war records came under such close examination, becasue we were attempting to see what each one did as a leader.

There are thousands of people in this country who trusted George Bush with not just their vote, but with their sons and daughters and loved ones in the last four years. And their trust in our president has cost them the eyes, arms, legs, and lives of those loved ones (twice as many as those in the 9/11 tragedy). It is important who you trust, it can be costly. I trusted George Bush in 2000. I won't trust him again.

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