Friday, September 3


I think the weirdest moment, for me, during the pResident's speech last night came when he accused John Kerry of being insulting and disrespectful to our allies. What the?????? GWB is almost universally despised outside the U.S. because of his disrespectful attitude and bullying tactics towards other countries and their governments.

And isn't it the height of something-or-other to imply that John Kerry voted aganst supplying our troops with the proper body armor and other equipment because John Kerry voted against the $87 billion appropriations bill? If memory serves, the bill PASSED, we've spent upwards of $200 billion on the war, and our troops STILL don't all have what they need and deserve to protect themselves.

I'm beginning to understand why hypocrisy is so rampant among Republicans: they don't think it matters what you DO, only what you SAY. If you say the right things, you're OK, since that's all you're judged on. So when Repugs are exposed for the hypocrites they are, they don't see it that way. After all, that miserable philandering Catholic winger who wanted to deny John Kerry communion for his pro-choice vote SAID the right things -- he was anti-abortion, anti-Democrat, anti-gays, pro-war, etc., so he's an OK guy. His private behavior? "Nobody's perfect." It's OK to excoriate John Kerry, authentic American war hero, because of what he SAID when he got back from Nam.

Like I said, it's not what you do with these people, it's what you say.


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