Friday, September 10

I haven't posted much about the Swift Boat Vets or Bush's irregular TANGuard service because it's been everywhere and I haven't had much to add to the discussion. But a reader on Eric Alterman's Altercation raises a good question:

Quite aside from the current crop of newly-released records, here's a question about Bush's National Guard service I don't see anyone else asking.

Bush's story: He missed a bunch of drills, but he made them all up. So he met his obligation.
Never mind that making up drills six months late isn't allowed - let's just look at the numbers.
Bush is credited with performing either regular or make-up sessions on the following dates:

January 4-5, 1973
January 13-14 1973
April 7-8 1973
May 19-20 1973
June 23-24 1973
July 21-22 1973
July 18-19 1973

But WHERE?  Even Bush doesn't claim he was in Alabama at that point.  And his commanding officer, Killian, says in August of 1973 that "Bush wasn't here during rating period and I don't have any feedback from 187th in Alabama.  I will not rate."  (according to the recent memo) and If he wasn't on the base in Texas, where could he have performed his makeup duty?

Another commenter had this to say:

After seeing the latest info on Shrub's guard service I just have to comment.  I was in the WV Air National Guard in the early 70's.  At the same time Shrub was pulling his no show performance, we had a young enlisted man who didn't show up for drills for about eight months.  He was arrested, handcuffed and escorted to base by Army MP's.  Then they court marshalled him, activated him and transferred him to the Army for the rest of his enlistment.  I guess it pays to have political connections.

Amen to that.


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