Wednesday, September 15


Watching the great film M*A*S*H on the tube last night, The Sage and I got to talking about the opener, where quotes from Gen. MacArthur and Gen. Eisenhower were displayed. It was Ike's pledge "I will go to Korea" that helped propel him into the White House in 1952. After some disastrous campaigns under Truman, the American people were getting fed up with the conduct of the war. Ike's simple "I will go" meme was welcomed as "I, who know a little something about fighting a war effectively, will go over and clean this mess up."

THAT'S THE PROPER RESPONSE FOR JOHN KERRY to criticisms that he has no "plan" for what to do in Iraq. As I've said before, how can he have a plan he doesn't know what kind of a mess he'll be presented with upon attaining (and he WILL attain it) the presidency? Come on, John, let's hear it ring out: "I will go to Iraq. I will replace those who've gotten us into this disaster with competent, trustworthy public servants who put the interests of America before party or ambition. And we will resolve this crisis."


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