Wednesday, September 22


My brilliant, (but misguided!), popular and beautiful daughter, who will be voting for Bush, just said to me that a few months ago most of the people her age that she knows were favoring Kerry, but lately she's noticed it's gone the other way -- now they've decided to vote for Bush.

Aghast, I asked her, "Why?"

"Because we don't want a pussy in office," she replied.

"What?" I cried. "How can you call Kerry such a name--he's a war hero, a courageous war protester, he windsurfs, for crying out loud, one of the most dangerous sports there is! What has Bush ever done to prove he's tough?"

"He's tough on terrorism, tough on crime, tough on ..."

(I missed the next because I interrupted her in my horror.)

She continued. "I just don't like John Kerry. I don't trust him. He looks and sounds like a weenie. Actually, I don't like either him or Bush, but I feel safer with Bush."

End of story.


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