Monday, September 27


I was horrified this morning as I drove into work to hear Darrell Ankarlo, KLIF rush-hour right-wing talking head, aghast that a young soldier from the area who has been convicted of complicity in the Abu Ghraib abuses wants to rejoin the military after he serves his sentence, and the MILITARY WON'T LET HIM! Darrell would be PROUD to let his son serve with such a young man. This guy was a HERO, got the Purple Heart for trying to save a fellow soldier during a mortar attack. And after all, he wasn't caught cutting a man's head off with a rusty bayonet or something, he just cuffed a few Iraqis and stripped them naked, then threatened them with snarling dogs. Caller after caller agreed.

I know little to nothing about the details of this particular case. But aren't conservatives/Republicans supposed to be the folks who demand "moral clarity" of everyone? Isn't comparing offenses beside the point? We don't arrest people in Texas for robbery and then let them go because it's not as great a crime as homicide! I can't BELIEVE these people and their hypocritical attitudes.

So now it's revealed that Alan Keyes has a lesbian daughter. (Via Atrios) Don't hold your breath waiting for him to denounce her as a "selfish hedonist." It's all RELATIVE, after all.


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