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Mother of dead American Soldier holds Bush accountable - Laura Bush heckled during campaign speech - Sep 17, 2004

The actual title of this story is 'Laura Bush heckled during campaign speech'. This is typical of the media. A mother's child dies in an unjust, unprovoked, illegal war and when she tries to hold the bastards at fault accountable for their sins, not only does the headline read from the first lady's poor and persecuted point of view, but the picture shown next to the story on is of Laura Bush looking just as sweet as she can be. No picture of the mother whose son is gone forever because of Laura Bitch's malicious and moronic spouse from hell. CNN especially disapoints those of us that know when spin is being fed to us as fact. They were decent once. That day has died. Now we see them daily declining into Fox News. You'll notice I have changed the title of this story to what I think it should have read.

Laura Bush heckled during campaign speech

Mother's sign reads: 'President Bush You Killed My Son'

Friday, September 17, 2004 Posted: 1:13 PM EDT (1713 GMT)
Laura Bush praised the administration's achievements in the war on terror and the economy.

What achievements? America is less safe now than on September 11, 2001. We've de-stabilized twenty-two million more Arabs in the Middle-East, turning Iraq into fertile ground for Islamic terrorism. For heavens sake we took out virtually the only extremely secular Arab government in the Middle East. We are more hated around the world than ever before. Hello??? Islamic terrorists are at war with the US because they HATE us. And Bush is making their job easier! Why doesn't he just recruit for Osama Bin Laden? Bush already let Bin Laden escape to continue to build his empire of terror for years, so he could go after Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Guess helpin Bin Laden out now is the least of Bush's concerns. Iraq! What the hell were they gonna do? And the American people bought it just like they bought Vietnam. Bin Laden walked after killing 2,792 innocent American civilians. The worst attack on America in it's history. And the American people looked the other way while Bush let Bin Laden get away. The American people said they would never forget. Well where the hell are they now? They may even elect Bush to a second term. Have they no grasp of truth, no ability to see how best to solve their problems? I pray it is not so. But I think the same prayers were being whispered to God in 1972. And Nixon was re-elected.

HAMILTON, New Jersey (CNN) -- The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was arrested Thursday in Hamilton, New Jersey, after interrupting a campaign speech by first lady Laura Bush. As police hauled her away, she shouted, "Police brutality."

Wearing a T-shirt with the message "President Bush You Killed My Son," Sue Niederer of nearby Hopewell screamed questions at the first lady as the audience tried to drown her out by chanting, "Four more years! Four more years!"

She pressed on, refused to leave and eventually police removed her from the firehouse rally.

The first lady finished her speech, praising the administration's achievements in the war on terror and the economy.

Outside, Niederer said she wanted to ask Laura Bush "Why the senators, the legislators, the congressmen, why aren't their children serving?"

She went on to blame the president for the death of her 24-year-old son, Army First Lieutenant Seth Dvorin. He was killed while trying to defuse a roadside bomb that exploded on him.

"My son was in the Army, and he was killed February third this year," she said.

As the Hamilton police and Secret Service agents surrounded her and reporters pressed her with questions, she held her ground, claiming "I had my ticket" to attend the speech by the first lady.

Police subsequently handcuffed her and she was led away to a nearby van. As she was escorted, she repeatedly shouted "Police brutality" and demanded to know her rights and the charges.

Later, she was charged with defiant trespass and released.

Since her son's death, the bereaved mother has spoken out repeatedly against the ongoing Iraq conflict. She is active in an anti-war protest group, Military Families Speak Out.

She has reportedly participated in numerous demonstrations, including protests around the Republican National Convention in New York.

She has also reportedly protested outside of Walter Reed Army Hospital, where many wounded troops are treated, Dover Air Force Base, in Delaware, where troops' remains are returned to the United States.

Neither the Bush campaign nor the Hamilton Police would comment on the incident.


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