Sunday, September 19


Bush, Cheney, and Rove heads on top of fluttering pigeonhawks

As you can tell I need a laugh every now and again. When you're dealing with as dispair-inspiring a subject as politics laughter becomes a matter of maintaining sanity. That is what much of poilitics consists of after all. As it is much of what men consist of. Madness. This cartoon is not only funny, it is sad. The whole damn mess is pretty de-moralizing when you get downt to it. The idea that the people of this country could elect Bush to another term has it's own many tragedies folded within. It says things about my countrymen I don't want to believe. I can't help but think they deserve the destruction of America as it has always been, should they elect the destroyer to have his way. For who could do such a thing? Knowing what they know? Or if they do not yet know the nature of the threat GW Bush poses to our country and the world, how could they have remained so apathetic to the threats, challenges, and problems facing our country that they did not seek the truth out for themselves??? This election is not only a referendum on GW Bush. It is a referendum on the American People. Will they elect a man that has less care for the middle-class and poor, more easily sends young men to war, than any bastard in the presidency since Nixon? Will they send a man that thinks government should be privatized, that's only economic policy is that of the upper 1 percent, whose only environmental policy is that of those whose agenda it is to grind up America the Beautiful's most precious places and process them into cash, back to Washington to do more damage? Will the American people elect a man that was born with a silver foot in his mouth, avoided combat in Vietnam by joining the National Guard, and deserted his duty, the Guard, and the Nation that trained him, because he didn't feel like it anymore; Rather than a decorated war hero that, afterward, had the courage as a citizen to stand by the good of his nation and stand up for his comrades in arms to end a war that was killing them, when Nixon and his cabinet knew te war couldn't be won. Kerry put his ass on the line for all time to do the right thing then. Stood against the greater forces and helped defeat them. Over thirty years later Americans will be asked which of these men is the more worthy. And their answer terrifies me almost as much for my lingering faith in my countrymen as it does for the future of My country and the world. Sorrow being the secret source of humor, I find this cartoon fitting:

Bush, Cheney, and Rove heads on top of fluttering pigeonhawks


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