Tuesday, September 7


As anyone who reads this blog is aware, we are a huge sprawling family in which one of our common ties is the Florida State University Seminoles. Long-time beloved coach Bobby Bowden and his lovely wife Ann lost their 15-year-old grandson and former son-in-law in a fatal accident Sunday when their car was hit by a utility truck that was helping restore power outages caused by Hurricane Frances.

Bobby was a pallbearer at my uncle's funeral and is one of the finest men in the world. He and Ann are an inspiration to many, and we send our love and fervent prayers of support to their whole family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you have my prayers, and you'll sorely need them if Al Gore ever becomes President. Thank God there are more Bowden's that are somewhat more conservative....and some of them live in Florida!

Jim Bowden
Pittsburgh, PA

4:13 PM  

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