Monday, September 6

The Right-strategy

I wanted to mention one of the most ingenious strategies employed by the talking heads representing the Right-Wing Republican agenda in the hopes that either democrats will adopt the tactic, fire with fire and all that, or that it will become common knowledge rendering the tactic ineffective and open to public ridicule. Is it wishful thinking that either of these outcomes will manifest? I would think so. Has anything happened recently to change your minds about the state of the American people and their ability to tell fact from fiction? Truth from lies? Illiusion from reality? Me either. That being the case let us continue our losing battle.

When the Republicans are guilty, they accuse the democrats of precisely what they themselves are guilty of. If the Republicans candidate GW was AWOL during Vietnam, they see to it that the Democratic candidate's war record is questioned, distorted, lied about, and destroyed. This makes AWOL's, aka GW's, scandalous past fairly moot. Now they both seem like screw-ups. If the news cycle seems to be questioning Republican policies because the evidence of their failure is so striking even the television news-media can no longer ignore it, the Republicans cut into their Democratic opponents at every opportunity, in the strongest terms of outrage, for the very things they themselves are guily of. Where they have bungled, the democrats are at fault. Where they are weak they say the democrats are weak. They turn the truth on its head, meaning they lie, confusing everyone that is not aware of what they're up to. Therefore the Democrats must do the same. Attack the republicans everywhere they are strong, everywhere they are weak, everywhere all the time for everything, guilty or not. The Democrats should not need a real-life stimulous to attack the republicans on any issue(or any candidate on any issue). WHERE THERE IS NO ARGUMENT THERE IS CONSENSUS! They say GW is doing well fighting th War on Terror. We should say he is doing a horrible job. Then when they try to cite facts, as we are so fond of doing, we ignore them, as they are so fond of doing, and talk about GW's personality. The Republicans learned a long time ago that facts play a cold and boring second to stereotypes and fear. So we talk about his cowboy persona that everyone accepts as some infallible mythos, and break the damn thing down.

Where can bush be made to seem shady? Bush doesn't listen to the people around him. Not bad. Neither refutable, nor provable. Just what we're looking for. Statements of fiction, though for Bush many may be true, that play on people's urge to think the worst about others while fulfilling the necessary requirement of not being refutable by any evidence. Isn't playing with unreason fun?

Bush is a liar I know what you're thinkin. "That's true!" Well, yes it is true. But truth without marketing. You're still locked in that 20th century way of thinking that says just because something is true or factual it should be backed up with truth or facts. Silly rabbits, truth is for kids. This is advertising. Bush isn't a liar because he said there were weapons of mass destruction when there weren't. Bush is a liar because in a private conversation between him and (democrat name here) Bush lied about his golf game the previous day. But we don't stop there. Another nameless democrat has another private anecdote to share that gives insight into the bigoted liar that is GW Bush. See how it just flows? And so on and so forth until the public gets the perception that GW is a liar.

Where are all the black people that Bush called the N word back in the day that are willing to testify George knows nothing about compassion? He should demand an apology. Quote the black man, "If a man wants to call himself a Uniter, not a Divider, then he should apologize for the divisions he caused in the past. He divided me from my humanity." This is the kind of sleeze the media loves. To all the weak of heart I give this battlecry: Remember the Swift Boats! If you wrong us, shall we not revenge? This is politics, not ping pong. They have no shame and play by their own rules, thus must we also. We have one ace in the hole. Our party is not the party of the Elite. It is the party of the worker and the environmentalist, women, and men of more than average compassion. The party of the poor, the oppressed, and the middle-class. The party that cares more for others' welfare than the way they live their lives. What we wish to do is good. It matters more that we are at the helm, then how we got there. We live in a world of hard choices, and politics presents some of the hardest. I'm afraid the stakes are too high. The future too important. And the Bush administration too dangerous to our country for us to squabble anymore over the morality of campaigning. They show us no mercy. They set the terms. It is ours to liken ourselves to men of grosser blood and teach them how to war.

Fill the media with irrefutable anecdotes destroying the public perception of the president. Take him down! Have no fear! Show no mercy! It is of more importance to defeat this man, then hold ourselves to standards that will arrange his triumph. He is a poison to our republic. As was translated by Seneca, "There is no sacrifice to God more acceptable than an unrighteous and a wicked king." Get George Bush out of the Presidency, and get the people some damn healthcare! I'm tired of being uninsured! I'm sick of watching boys die in Iraq! I'm tired of not funding research for stem cells one-seven-billionth the size of a human life to save the ones we love from sickness, pain, and death. I want the price of tuition to stop rising so I'm not in debt till I'm 40 years old! I want to see our veterans benefits increased not cut! I want the fish I catch in my local Texas lakes to be edible and not choked with mercury. I want the few wild places in our country left alone, so that they can continue to inspire the dreams and imaginations of children and adults alike all across our country. I want government to stop throwing non-violent drug offenders in jail, and releasing violent criminals and sexual predators. I want the people in the White House to care something for the people that sleep on the street just outside it! I want my country to be the best. Get Bush out. Get Kerry in. It's so very important to us all.


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