Friday, September 24


Just listened on the radio to an amazing episode of Sean (Hannity) and Dick (Morris)'s Excellent Adventure into looney land. Dick is sure that Kerry's new emphasis on the Iraq war is a huge mistake and is (possibly/probably) the result of Paul Begala and James Carville's influence WITH THE OBJECT OF MAKING KERRY LOSE so Hillary can run in '08. Morris stated that no-one could beat Hillary except (it's okay to laugh, but don't have a heart attack) Condi Rice. Dick's "excellent opinion" is based on his assessment that Clinton "did it right" in his DNC speech -- it was "all about the economy," which is the Democrats' only viable issue. Morris projects a 2-3% win by Bush.

What is it with Hillary and the Right? She's just a hard-working woman who's devoted to making a better world, raised a superior daughter and held her marriage together.

Don't right-wing family values appreciate that?

UPDATE: Also heard Greg Napp dissecting the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's interview with Bill Burkett. Apparently, there was an initial report in the S-T's reporting that was confusing concerning a quote from Burkett: "They tried to convince me as to why I should give them the documents." The earlier S-T post indicated that Burkett was referring to Joe Lockhart of the Kerry campaign. The corrected item reported that Burkett was referring to conversations with CBS. Napp interpreted this as that CBS was trying to convince Burkett to give the Kerry campaign the documents.

Now, I may be stupid (I'm not), but it seems obvious me that, with the context, Burkett was saying that CBS was trying to convince him that he should give the original documents to CBS, not the Kerry campaign (since Burkett merely gave copies to CBS and never even discussed the documents with Joe Lockhart, per both their statements). Napp tried to use his interpretation to prove a so-called-liberal-media point: that CBS was coordinating with the Kerry campaign. Anyone who's been keeping up with this story is aware that both Burkett and Joe Lockhart have both said they never discussed the disputed documents. Burkett is upset with CBS, not the Kerry campaign.


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