Wednesday, September 22


Shorter Wolf Blitzer interview of Roger Stone:

WB: Why did you say "no comment" to the NY Post reporter who asked if you were involved in the forged CBS memos?

RS: It was Sunday, I was with my family. This is a cheap shot from Terry McAuliffe.

WB: What about the NY Post accusation?

RS: Categorically false, ridiculous. If Terry has any evidence that I, or any Republican, was part of this, let him put up or shut up.

WB: Well, you should have told the NY Post, "This is ridiculous."

RS: Look, please understand the context. He calls me, says, "There's a rumor going around, and I got a call from a Democratic consultant that it was you."

WB: Doesn't "no comment," Sunday or not, give credibility to the charge?

RS: Look, I went on background and said there was no truth to it.

WB: Then why didn't you just go on the record?

RS: I had no desire to be quoted. This is a smoke screen created by the Democrats.


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