Wednesday, September 1


From that mad-as-hell-and-I'm-not-going-to-take-it-anymore New Yorker Mahablog:

Guiliani dismisses the charge that he and Bush are exploiting 9/11. "It's impossible to conduct this presidential election without talking about Sept. 11. It would be like conducting the re-election of Abraham Lincoln and not talking about the Civil War," Giuliani told USA Today.
But, Rudy, I don't mind the GOP talking about 9/11. In fact, I wish Bush and Dick and Condi and you and the other Bushie minions would talk. I want you to talk about the warnings ignored and the steps not taken that might have prevented 3,000 deaths. I want you to talk about lower Manhattan air quality after 9/11 and information that was deliberately withheld from New Yorkers (did you know?). I want you to talk about the firemen and other Ground Zero workers who got sick breathing that air. I want you to talk about the money Bush promised to New York City that somehow never materialized (although Wall Street firms got their handouts pronto). I want you to talk about the firehouses that are closing to save the city money. I want you to talk about trains and bridges and ports and tunnels and gas lines and nuclear reactors that remain insecure because the so-called Department of Homeland Security is a bleeping joke.
And I want you to talk about Osama bin Laden.
We're not supposed to see the flag-draped coffins of dead soldiers returning from Iraq. But the dead of 9/11 are not allowed to rest in peace. Instead, they've been put to work for the Bush campaign, and Guiliani dances on their remains to promote himself. Their families should be paid for their commercial usage.


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