Thursday, September 23


Sean Hannity was excoriating Jesse Jackson on the charge that "Republicans are attempting to suppress African-American voting." It wasn't a pretty debate. Hannity insisted that since nobody has been convicted of a crime, it (reports of such suppression efforts) couldn't have happened in 2000 or be happening now. (Shades of "he got an honorable discharge, therefore he fulfilled his duties.")

Greg Napp was having a hissy fit because
- John Kerry is "sending mixed messages to our troops and the Iraqi people" (paraphrase mine)
- John Kerry is emboldening our enemies in Iraq and elsewhere
- the media isn't reporting all the good stuff that is happening in Iraq
- Democrats are unbelievable hypocrites (Kerry said Saddam and WMD were a threat in 2003)

For some reason, I can't remember any more. Maybe I tuned it out? My major impression was that Napp and Hannity were almost hysterical today. Maybe a sign that today's polls showing a dead-heat race have scared them to death.

UPDATE: Okay, Sean, here's an example of the evidence you demanded: Fox TV intimidates students at the University of Arizona at Tucson.


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