Friday, September 10


More and more I'm becoming convinced that many, many of those voters declaring themselves "undecided" are really Kerry supporters who can't bring themselves to confess it. Every single day at work, at lunch, even in my personal life, I keep talking to people who clearly don't have a reason to back Bush other than the fact that he's nominally a Republican and they're of the same party registration. But they don't offer any positives about the man other than his charisma -- and few intelligent, decent, patriotic, educated people, I have to believe, will vote for a man solely on the basis of his personality! I'm a very vocal progressive, and everyone who meets me finds that out in the first five minutes of our conversation. These people are FASCINATED to meet a "real-live Democrat" and eager to talk about the upcoming election. What they're NOT eager to talk about is George W. Bush. No, they want to talk about Kerry. They talk about what bothers them (flip-flopping is the usual bag), but they're not overly negative and the relief they express at being able to be candid (I presume they're not with their Repug cronies) about their doubts about Bush is impressive.

These people -- all business executives, except family members -- are reluctant to embrace Kerry, but I know them well enough to read the signs: either they'll vote for Kerry or they won't vote at all.

Either way, John Kerry wins.

BTW, I've lived in Texas for 20 years and have even met Georgie when he was Governor, and I'm completely unaffected by the "charm" so many describe.

UPDATE: Then again, maybe I'm wrong. Read this post by Digby.


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