Wednesday, September 1


It's over. Bush is going to be elected, and I'll tell you why. The overwhelming majority of the working press are so vested in his administration that they fear for their jobs should Kerry win. They have spent the years since Bush 41 tearing into Democrats, a campaign culminating in a feverish pro-Bush 43 four years. We Democrats are not so punitive as are Republicans, and their fears of limited access to a Kerry administration are close to baseless, but their guilty consciences, not reality, are clearly dictating their actions.

I truly am dumbfounded at the fact that almost no progressive pundits have been appearing on cable news coverage of the conventions. During the DNC, Republicans immediately followed key Democratic speeches, putting their own spin on what was seen and heard. Not so with the RNC. It's so obvious I can't believe the print media aren't highlighting this blatant bias on the part of their media rivals. Only Ron Reagan at MSNBC has the guts and/or confidence to show any balance at all among the multitudes of TV news personalities gushing over the Repugs virtues and brilliance. And BTW, I always liked him. It took guts of an extraordinary kind to pursue a career in ballet when he was the straight son of a tough-talking macho Republican president.

I'd love to see an in-depth poll of people my own age to see if others of my generation are as shell-shocked as The Sage and I are about this new Orwellian world we used to know as America.


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