Friday, October 29


Think that sounds alarmist? Well, when did you ever know BushCo to champion regulation of any sort as opposed to privatization and increased opportunity for corporate profits? Getting suspicious now? Read this important article, which contains great insight into the Bush administration's true agenda behind the No Child Left Behind Act. It's not the first time (but pray God it's the last time they'll have the opportunity!) the Bushies have pulled the wool over trusting Democrats' eyes.

There's so much more than I've included. Mothers and fathers of America, read the whole thing:

A grim conspiracy theory, starting with the destruction of public education

Before the Bush regime destroys public education, you'd better hit the books.

The latest crack in the facade of the No Child Left Behind Act just became visible in Philadelphia, where the Inquirer reported that "school accountability gains that Pennsylvania education officials lauded resulted from lower standards, not improved performance."

Educators are caught in a bind: The new federal "standards" are impossibly high, even for good schools, and especially because the Bush regime and its pals in Congress didn't provide the funding for the new law's massive revamping and retooling. Schools that "fail" are in danger of being converted to charter status.

As we've said before, Bush's vaunted No Child Left Behind maneuvers are designed to suffocate public schools. In the '80s era, neocons tried to do it by calling for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education—Ronald Reagan himself promised to abolish it. (For background, read this PBS piece from 1996.) Now they're smarter and are drilling holes in the foundation of public education from within.

It's a beautiful union-busting maneuver. The two main groups of unionized workers left in the U.S. are teachers and government employees. If the conservative cabal can privatize in those sectors, America's labor movement, already laboring, will be on death's door as far as political power goes.
The Goodmans insist that the No Child Left Behind Act "does not have good intentions," adding:

"It is a major part of a sustained campaign being waged to transform American education from one in which almost all our children and young people attend common, neighborhood schools administered by an elected board of concerned citizens of each community under state laws, into a system which more closely matches the system of third world nations."


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