Wednesday, October 6


Listening to Bush's "major speech" -- not a policy speech, oh no, just your average campaign speech, filled with an unceasing litany of cliches, distortions of Kerry's positions, and outright lies. "Freedom on the march," "hope," "threat," ad nauseum, the same old tired justifications for the war (we gave Saddam one last chance to comply with UN resolutions, he chose defiance and war, and we responded). Funny and unfunny flip-flop remarks.

"After September 10th, the path to security is the path of action. And I will continue to defend the United States of America." More distortions of the "global test/Kerry doctrine."

Bush started out looking relaxed and happy in the midst of his as-usual adoring crowd. Like Cheney last night, he's accusing Kerry of saying when he first ran for Congress that American troops should be used only at the direction of the UN. Now it's Kerry's vote against the first Gulf War and joking that "if that coalition didn't pass the global test, nothing will." Kerry's mindset will paralyze America in a dangerous world. Blah blah blah.

Nothing new here. Give Kerry equal time.

UPDATE: I didn't finish my thought (perils of blogging at work amidst interruptions). Bush STARTED OUT looking relaxed and happy, but disintegrated. There were times when the crowd was roaring with pleasure and instead of responding with a satisfied smile, he looked tense and his grin was forced. He lost his place a couple of times and looked panicked. All in all, not much improvement over last Thursday night's debate. The man is coming unglued.


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