Saturday, October 9

Bush's stupid debate statements-part one(there's a lot)

After 9/11 we had to look at the world differently. In the old days we'd see a threat we could deal with it if we felt like it or not.
What the hell does he think presidents past did when they knew of threats to the people of the United States? Bush suggests our former presidents sat around the oval office chilling as they lackadaisically decided they'd deal with one threat to the United States, and ignore another. And why didn't these presidents deal with the threats facing our country and the lives of our countrymen? Because prior to Sept. 11th we lived in a world where it was ok to ignore some threats, depending on if we felt like dealing with them or not. And what the hell does Bush mean"WE" could deal with threats or not if "WE" felt like it or not. What he should have said was, "I" could deal with threats if "I" felt like it or not. Tacit admission he was unconcerned of terrorist threats to the American people before September 11th. And afterwards he figured he'd better do his f*%#ing job.

Al Qaeda no longer has a place to plan.

What about Indonesia, IRAQ, Morroco, Mauritania, Algeria, Mali, Niger, Chad, Iran, Pakistan, Honduras, The Phillipines, Georgia, Yemen, or Turkey? Is that all? Nope. Thats just how many news stories I found documenting al-qaeda operations before I got too bored. al-Qaeda is everywhere. And Bush has been like gasoline on the fire. Check out the
State Department list of countries where al-Qaeda is operating.

He was trying to get rid of sanctions for a reason. He wanted to restart his weapons programs.
Can I get some logic please? Man, Bush never met an evidence-less claim he didn't like. Here is another example of the careful crafting of the Bush Spin Machine. Saddam WAS trying to get rid of sanctions for a reason. Probably a host of them. His country's economy had been destroyed. His people were starving and could not get the most basic healthcare. His power was paralyzed by our effective isolation of his country and finances. And he probably would have liked to replace some of the military hardware we destroyed in the first Gulf War. However, to go out on a limb and claim that Saddam wanted to restart his weapons of mass destruction programs, that had not been restarted since the first Gulf War, and further claiming that Saddam's desire to rid his nation of the sanctions asphyxiating it is proof he wanted to restart them is an exersize in stupidity. Bush doesn't have fuzzy reason. He has no reason at all.

I wadn't happy when we found out there wadn't weapons. But Saddam Hussein was a unique threat.
I'm going to let Bush answer/hang himself here. Bush later said, "Saddam Hussein was a threat because he could have given weapons of mass destructiuon to terrorist enemies." Ok I may be relatively new to this whole thinking thing, but even a community college student like me can understand that it's kind of hard to be a threat because you had weapons of mass destruction and you might pass them to terrorists if you never had any weapons of mass destruction. It's right there. In Bush's own words! Or what passes for words in his failing mind, "I wadn't happy when we found out there wadn't weapons." No weapons. No threat.
And Bush lies to the American people for the thousandth time.

I'm tired *yawn* I'll have much more tomorrow. Unfortunately for the country, and disastrously if bush is re-elected, there are volumes of material to work with. Love Love Love


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