Wednesday, October 20


Public University Tuition Is Up Sharply for 2004:

Tuition at the nation's public universities rose an average of 10.5 percent this year, the second largest increase in more than a decade, according to the latest annual survey by the College Board. Last year's rise, 13 percent, was the highest.

Private universities and community colleges also increased tuition, by 6 percent and 9 percent, in a year when inflation has been about 2.5 percent. The tuition increases at private and community colleges were also among the steepest in a decade.

Women and young voters, how many calls to action DO YOU NEED? The price of everything is up under this administration, at the same time that the Economic Policy Institute says real wages are down. Is that what you want, more of the same? Or a fresh start with someone who CARES about your family's needs? Do you really believe that Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy will somehow counter the decine in your family's purchasing power? If you do, what are you doing reading this blog?


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