Tuesday, October 5

The Daily Show coverage of Foxgate

You want it? We've got it. Here's what John Stewart said about Foxgate on The Daily Show last night at 10pm CST.

But one of Murdoch’s other media outlets tried to repair the damage done to Bush with a hard-hitting look at the world of the imaginary.

Fox News was forced to admit it ran not one, but two fake news stories slamming Kerry this past weekend. One features comments from a group called “Communists for Kerry,” which turned out to be a satirical group of Bush supporters, the other was a post on its web site written by chief political correspondent Carl Cameron, who claimed that after the debate, Kerry called himself “a metrosexual” before proclaiming, “Women should like me, I do manicures.”

A Fox News spokesperson soon apologized for the article, saying it was the result of “fatigue and bad judgment,” which incidentally happens to be the mission statement behind Your World with Neil Cavuto.

It’s kind of a long way to go for a Cavuto joke, ain’t it?

I walked around the block, we looked at some trees, then we came back home and I had a Cavuto joke for you. (Sigh) But you, you were tired.

I love the blogosphere.


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