Tuesday, October 5

The Daily Show joins the Foxhunt!

The Daily Show with John Stewart reported Foxgate last night at 11pm. The hounds are increasing and we're close on Fox's tail. It's a good day. Hope everyone is doing wonderfully. Catch the Daily Show re-run tonight on Comedy Central at 6pm CST. I'll tape it and post what was said about Carl Cameron(author of Fox Fabrication #1), who was specifically mentioned, and Jane Roh(author of Fox Fabrication #2) who was also held to account for her actions by the good people of the Daily Show. Who could have imagined when John Stewart took over that show from Craig Kilborn a few years ago that he would re-make it into the funniest political show in television history? Ya never can tell...

Thank the Daily Show for looking out for us while making us laugh.

Have you read America(the book)?


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