Friday, October 1


What a hoot. Scumbag Dick Morris is on Bill O'Reilly and blames the whole debate fiasco on Bush's lack of "homework." When Bill asked him what Shrub would have to do to score better in the next debate, Morris repeated several times that he had to practice, he would have to have the issues drummed into him by rote. "With Bill Clinton," he said, "you didn't have to do that. He'd just go out and do it. But with George Bush, he has to do his homework." As if professor Karl Rove hadn't prepped his boss properly and/or little legacy student George hadn't completed his assignment!

I know I read reports pre-debate that said GWB, who usually retires for the night at 9:30 p.m., was conducting late-night practices in the days before the debate. The fact is, a president of the United State shouldn't have to have the "issues drummed into him by rote." They should be at his fingertips. That this is not the case with GWB was not only evident in last night's debate but it's downright scary.

As are his beady little vacant eyes.


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