Friday, October 8


Bush lost the election tonight. Kerry hit a grand slam homerun. Bush didn't win a single exchange. Kerry won on all style points (no sly repetitive winks, as from Bush). His posture and demeanor were presidential. Bush had all the marks of a used car salesman. Bush was rude, repeatedly interrupting and even arguing with moderator Charlie Gibson, and sporting his trademark smirk and gunslinger swagger.

Kerry gave public evidence of the passion that motivates him. He was master of every issue. He was polite and by-the-rules. His physical responses to Bush and Gibson were respectful.

Bush never defended himself, but was on constant Kerry-attack, but Kerry was the better aggressor -- he scored point after point, even on controversial subjects such as abortion, while sounding thoughtful and sincere and in touch with the concerns of ordinary people. It was as if he'd given serious consideration to every problem that middle-class Americans face. You felt, why would he have done that unless it was because he cared?

Bush was challenged to name his three biggest mistakes during his presidency. Bush said he's sure he's made some little ones, and he'll take responsibility for them as soon as someone tells him what they are. But big mistakes? No, absolutely not. He hasn't made any. If he had, he'd take the responsbility. Because he's the president.

Bush has been on the edge of his seat all evening, jumping in before Kerry hardly finishes his thought. Now, for the last question, Bush once again jumps up and tries to pre-empt JFK, who graciously and smilingly asks, "Would you like to go first?"

Bush's closing statement, it's all about who can lead. Think of what we've all been through together and think of where we are (I don't think that was a good thought to provoke, George). Everything's going so WELL! I've made you safe. But there's more work to be done. Our long-term security requires freedom being on the march. God bless.

I want Kerry to adopt me. He makes me feel safe. He's the strong, wise and temperate father figure. Bush scares me. He's a big bully who doesn't like people like me.

UPDATE: Favorite debate moments. (1) "Offroad diesel engines..." Huh? Would those be snowmobiles, or maybe tractors? (2) Bush trying to explain how he wouldn't appoint a Supreme Court justice who would see anything in the Constitution that he (Bush) disagreed with, or conversely, one that wouldn't see in the Constitution anything Bush agrees with. (3) Bush arguing with Charlie Gibson. Repeatedly. (4) The six or seven winks Bush cast at audience members (I stopped counting at some point) after he finished speaking but before he stopped preening ("Got him THAT time, didn't I?" No man, you didn't).

UPDATE: I forgot (5) The importing-drugs-from-Canada flack and (6) Bush ranting to the audience that, "He's going to break all these promises." Oh, kettle.

UPDATE: Was I so emotionally engaged that it's taking me forever to remember and REFLECT? Another of my absolute-favorite moments was when Kerry said, "It's the military's job to win the war. It's the president's job to win the peace."


Blogger navegator said...

Debate II, Don't kid yourself

9:50 PM  
Blogger Motherlode said...

You could be right, if the American undecideds are as uninformed as they were yesterday.

Of course, I can't conceive of that kind of disengagement, but then, I have a tendency to actually think for myself.

12:48 PM  

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