Monday, October 18


Kerry Draws Even With Bush at 45 Percent in Zogby Tracking Poll:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry moved into a tie with President George W. Bush in the latest Reuters/Zogby tracking poll of likely voters.

Bush and Kerry, the four-term senator from Massachusetts, each got 45 percent in the survey of 1,211 likely voters taken Friday through yesterday. Seven percent were undecided, and 1 percent said they support independent candidate Ralph Nader.

Kerry has gained on Bush in the running Zogby poll in recent days. Bush led Kerry by four points, 48 percent to 44 percent, in tracking polls Oct. 12-14 and Oct. 13-15. The lead narrowed to two points, 46 percent to 44 percent, on Oct. 14-16. The margin of error in each poll is 2.9 percentage points.


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