Saturday, October 16


I should have posted on this before, since it made me gag during the debate (more so for Bush than for Kerry). In response to Bob Schieffer's final question, "What have you learned from the strong women in your life?" both candidates marginalized women and identified us not as players, but as help-meets. Furious George spoke about his love for the women in his life and not much more, while Kerry cited advice from his dying mother and gave examples of how his smart women affect his life. In neither case did a candidate actually say, "They've taught me that women are as smart as or smarter than men, and that I ignore their counsel to my peril. I will lead America to a new appreciation of the importance of taking advantage of all our human assets and away from the age-old discrimination that says women can't be as effective as men in managing, directing and heading business, national policy and world affairs."

Of course, Condi Rice, Agricultural Secretary Ann Veneman and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao prove that women can be as unthinking, partisan, myopic and knee-jerk-loyal as any crazed Republican man. That's a real step forward (NOT) for female equality.


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