Friday, October 8

More from the punditocracy, spinners and so-called journalists.

CNN's John King is making all of Bush's arguments for him.

Candy Crowley is scowling. She must think Kerry did really well. She says Kerry said nothing new, and we shouldn't be surprised that he's eloquent. She said he was particularly strong in Iraq and used some of this week's news against Bush.

Joe Johns and CNN's fact checkers: Exaggeration by Bush that Kerry is "the most liberal Senator." Kerry's lifelong voting record makes him the 11th most liberal Senator. Kerry "overstated the number of lost jobs," a number which "is true if you're just considering private sector jobs." Of course, if you add new government jobs (keep that government spending down, W!), the number of new jobs doubles, and Kerry is wrong.

Jeff Greenfield thinks Kerry's strongest moments were importation of drugs, healthcare in general, and embryonic cell research. He says the two candidates were talking to two different constituencies.

Aaron Brown says Bush moved like a "Texas gunslinger," and "Kerry just glides." Jeff Greenfield says Bush's base wants to see Bush tough and in Kerry's face. Kerry was "the kind of debater he learned to be in school."

First quick poll: Bill Schneider reports on CNN that there was no clear winner, as Kerry got 47% and Bush 45%. Among debate watchers, he says, Republicans outnumber Democrats, so Kerry did better than it seems.
Economy: Kerry 49% Bush 49%. Iraq: Bush 53%, Kerry 46% (a decline for Kerry). Aaron asks, how much over the course of the next 72 hours will the numbers change? To what degree are people influenced by the poll itself? Schneider: These were immediate polls, we'll see after a couple of days how much effect the spin has.


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