Monday, October 18

On Nader

Nader claims to be trying to influence the Democratic Party agenda. This claim is false. The reason Nader cannot be taken seriously is that he has never done anything with his political capital. He has never actually tried to influence the agenda of the Democratic Party. Is there one among you that believes if Nader had a meeting with Kerry and told Kerry, "There is one thing I want from you. I care about a living wage for the poorest working families in America and I want you to fight for a ten dollar an hour minimum wage. You commit here on camera and in writing that you will come out publicly for this after the election and I will throw all my support behind you and pull out of the presidential race. That's my price. A ten dollar living wage for working families in exchange for the presidency." that Kerry wouldn't agree? THAT would be a successful use of Naders position to influence the Democratic Party agenda. But does Nader try this? No. He influences nothing. He only crashes the party. He hurts the people he claims to champion and aides those those he most vehemently disagrees with. If he cared about influencing the DP agenda he would use his capital to achieve that end and he does not. Why is Nader doing this? It doesn't matter. It only matters that he's hurting the country and his countrymen for nothing and that is as close to unforgiveable as a sin can get. With liberal friends like Ralph Nader who needs enemies? God forgive him. I'm not equal to the task.

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