Friday, October 1


I suspect that it might be over. Despite reports that independent voters, while liking what they saw in Kerry still want to know what Kerry would do in Iraq, if Bush doesn't do something drastic in the next debate to reverse the uneasy impression they have of him they'll pull the lever for Kerry.

I know some fairly well-informed people who habitually postpone making a decision until they enter the voting both. Knowing them as well as I do, it's my contention that refusing to decide gives them a sort of power -- both sides court them, and they project a thoughtful independence that they imagine gives them an aura of sophistication. Several of them today gave me a world-weary shrug when I questioned them about their thoughts on the debate and indicated that they had only watched the debate off and on, you know, it was the same old tired stuff, these guys are just politicians, after all.

But you know what? Despite their seeming indifference, all three of my "subjects" are great citizens, devoted to their charities, and have probably never missed a vote in the past 20 years. When push comes to shove, they'll be scared to death to chance another four years of Bush. Only the Republican base can continue to ignore the signs of instability, arrogance and ignorance, despite the pResident's vaunted "passion" for his convictions.

Passion without direction, after all, is just an explosion.


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