Tuesday, October 12


Some Catholic bishops are on Kerry's case again.

Galvanized by battles against same-sex marriage and stem cell research and alarmed at the prospect of a President Kerry - who is Catholic but supports abortion rights - these bishops and like-minded Catholic groups are blanketing churches with guides identifying abortion, gay marriage and the stem cell debate as among a handful of "non-negotiable issues."

To counter, please read The Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Kerry, Anti-Bush Argument on Opednews.com:

George Bush says he is born again. He says that he got to a point in his life where he needed to confront the demons that controlled him, such as alcohol, and turned his life over to the Lord. I applaud him for that decision and do not doubt his sincerity. It is what he has done since that point that clearly indicates he has not chosen to live a Christ-like life. The pro-life lobby has embraced him strictly on his word, while turning a blind eye to his deeds. Here are some points of consideration for those who are conflicted with their vote because of their beliefs.


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