Friday, October 8

Pre-debate dynamic: Are You Ready To Rock?

Bush can hardly do worse than the first debate. But I wonder about the 180 degree change in the dynamic between Bush and Kerry. Bush spent nearly 200 million dollars to demonize Senator Kerry. Untold millions more were spent by PAC's and individual Bush cronies. Bush and his wagon of fools had convinced much of the country of his lies. However John Kerry threw a screw into the Bush-Rove works when he kicked the living crap out of Dumbya in the first debate. Everyone had been saying he's weak, he's a flip flopper, blah blah... When the American people were confronted with the realities of John Kerry, the Bush campaign lies and spin fell on it's head with a thud heard round the world. What's in people's minds now? Are watchers wondering if they can trust a stammering, smirking, hesitating, President whose policies, by all accounts, have lead to disaster in Iraq with another four years to twirl his moustache and screw things up? Are they wondering if Bush will fall on his face? Who knows? I feel good about going into this debate because the premises going in seem to favor John Kerry. I think the momentum has clearly shifted. No one in the news is talking about whether John Kerry will do well. The "burden of proof" is all on Bush. The American people are obviously un-easy about the presidents last performance. Is this the debate where Kerry puts the race out of reach?
Kerry's first debate success has clearly put the dynamic in his favor and most of the "objective" spin has been going his way. We know the media is obsessed with the horse-race aspect of elections. And in that aspect Kerry is on top. So when the media wants to jaw on what will happen tonight in the debate they naturally talk about what stuck out in everyone's minds last time. Bush's horrible performance. He looks bad and everyone wants to know if he'll do better tonight or repeat his previous failure. For the first time in my memory of this presidential race I think Kerry has the momentum and a true chance to win this election. This is the most important moment in Kerry's bid for the presidency. He can win tonight if his game is at its best. They call it the race for the Presidency. Godspeed John Kerry.


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