Monday, October 11


Silmarill and I were discussing the differences between Republicans and Democrats the other day. It started when I brought up the fact that I'd heard Sean Hannity bloviating about the "violent attacks by Democrats" on Republican campaign offices. When I told Silmarill that a Repug office in Knoxville, Tennessee had their glass doors shattered by gunshots, he had the same reaction I had had. "Partisan Democrats don't usually carry guns; that's a Republican thing. More likely, they did it to themselves a la Karl Rove, or an individual(s) who had a grudge [e.g., lost job, relative killed in Iraq] against Bush did the damage." Then he said something I found very insightful: "Democrats believe the means is just as important as the end; Republicans only care about the end result. We [Democrats] care about the means because THAT'S WHAT WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH. The Republican Party is satisfied with winning; their consciences just don't bother them the ways ours do us."

That highlights one of the principal ideological differences between parties. Democrats are a "pay as you go" kind of party -- Republicans are not, especially this administration. Democrats believe it is important to practice American values in every political endeavor; Republicans do not. As Furious George inadvertently revealed in Friday night's debate, he "made some decisions" that DIDN'T reflect the American tradition, and now the world is confused as to whether those values are still in effect with this administration. They shouldn't be confused--they're not.

I should add that, if any violent attacks were indeed committed by Democrats, I would condemn them. Peaceful protest, yes, but violence is not our way.


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