Friday, October 1


Listened to talk radio wackos Darrell Ankarlo and Laura Ingraham on the commute. Having queried everyone I know at the office this morning about their take on last night's debate, I've concluded that these are the main opposition talking points for the day:

(1) A misinterpretation of Kerry's reference to pre-emptive action requiring that we pass a "global test" whereby our countrymen know why we're doing what we're doing and the world accepts it as justified. The first part about "our countrymen" is being completely deleted from everyone's memory and the "global test" part is being spun as Kerry reaffirming he won't do anything about our defense unless the French and Germans okay it.

(2) Kerry's answers are STILL TOO LONG AND COMPLICATED. Now, how anyone could have seen the same debate I saw last night, where Kerry was clear, clipped, and on-time, and still say that just says more to me about them than about Kerry. How much more dumbed-down can they want it?

(3) Bush is passionate about what he believes, and he believes what he says, so we can trust him. (So what if he hasn't a clue as to how to get us out of a desperate mess of his own making?) Kerry is still a flip-flopper. (They swagger less when making that point since last night, but hey, it worked before, so they're staying with it.)

(4) Kerry's "mixed messages" embolden the enemy and demoralize our troops.

The bottom line is, Kerry gave them no good new ammunition to use, and they're embarrassed by their guy's performance but can't and won't admit it.


Blogger Silmarill said...

Cool post Mom. I love it when you give the inside scoop from largely Republican, executive/corporate America. I think we can safely say that most of the people giving you those responses to the debate are the Bush true believers. His "Elite...Base". Nothing short of Divine Intervention would make them not vote for Bush. If they are de-moralised the "Undecideds" must have thought Bush was damned horrible. Lets hope the wind doesn't change.

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