Saturday, October 30

The Sage talked tonight to an election supervisor who said early voting results in Dallas County are running 48% Bush - 44% Kerry.

THIS IS TEXAS, REPUBLICAN TEXAS. Neither candidate has even bothered to campaign here, and Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers/signs/pins are so rare they cause a commotion (remember the guy who was so excited to see my sticker that he nearly drove me off the road?). And the number of early voters has been huge. Youngest daughter stood in line two hours today to vote for the first time.

This election is going to surprise everyone. Remember, I said it a week ago: Kerry by four.


Blogger Augamire said...

This is interesting. I don't know how much credibility this source that spoke with The Sage really has - regardless of their position with/on the voting board. The early voting, like the absentee votes, are not legally allowed to be counted or tabulated until election day. The reason for this is that it gives the party that is behind an unfair advantage with regard to resources that could be funneled into that specific state. I suppect that the source is speaking on his/her own exit polling data (if you can call it that) collected when somebody leaves the voting booth, and as such is rather unreliable.

Of course, I wouldn't really be suprised if the GOP was breaking this rule so they could see where they stand. I mean, they are challenging the right of citizens to vote in Ohio.

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