Sunday, October 10

Sinclair Broadcast Group Boycott

Check out Americablog and the latimes via atrios for the background to this story. Sinclair, you're not gettin away with this. Get ready. We are.

Here is the list of Sinclair Broadcast Group TV stations by market, call letters and network affiliation, courtesy of their own 10-K SEC filing:

Tampa, Florida, WTTA (WB)
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, KMWB(WB)
Sacramento, California, KOVR (CBS)
St. Louis, Missouri, KDNL (ABC)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, WPGH (Fox) and WCWB (WB)
Baltimore, Maryland, WBFF (Fox) and WNUV (WB)
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, WLFL (WB) and WRDC (UPN)
Nashville, Tennessee, WZTV (Fox), WUXP (UPN) and WNAB (WB)
Kansas City, Missouri, KSMO (WB)
Cincinnati, Ohio, WSTR (WB)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, WCGV (UPN) and WVTV (WB)

Columbus, Ohio, WSYX (ABC) and WTTE (Fox)
Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson, South Carolina, WLOS (ABC) and WBSC (WB)
San Antonio, Texas, KABB (Fox) and KRRT (WB)
Birmingham, Alabama, WTTO (WB), WABM (UPN) and WDBB (WB)
Norfolk, Virginia, WTVZ (WB)
Buffalo, New York, WUTV (Fox) and WNYO (WB)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, KOCB (WB) and KOKH (Fox)
Greensboro/Winston-Salem/Highpoint, North Carolina, WXLV (ABC) and WUPN (UPN)
Las Vegas, Nevada, KVWB (WB) and KFBT (Independent)
Richmond, Virginia, WRLH (Fox)
Dayton, Ohio, WKEF (NBC) and WRGT (Fox)
Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida, WEAR (ABC) and WFGX (Independent)
Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia, WCHS (ABC) and WVAH (Fox)
Flint/Saginaw/Bay City, Michigan, WSMH (Fox)
Lexington, Kentucky, WDKY (Fox)
Des Moines, Iowa, KDSM (Fox)
Portland, Maine, WGME (CBS)
Rochester, New York, WUHF (Fox)
Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Paducah, Kentucky, KBSI (Fox) and WDKA (WB)
Syracuse, New York, WSYT (Fox) and WNYS (WB)
Springfield/Champaign, Illinois, WICS (NBC) and WICD (NBC)
Madison, Wisconsin, WMSN (Fox)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, KGAN (CBS)
Tri-Cities, Tennessee, WEMT (Fox)
Charleston, South Carolina, WMMP (UPN) AND WTAT (Fox)
Springfield, Massachusetts, WGGB (ABC)
Tallahassee, Florida, WTWC (NBC) and WTXL (ABC)
Peoria/Bloomington, Illinois, WYZZ (Fox)


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