Tuesday, October 12


Did you HEAR Mark Hyman, VP-Corporate Relations of Sinclair Broadcast Group, on CNN this morning? When asked by host Bill Hemmer if their proposed airing of the anti-Kerry documentary Stolen Honor shortly before the election is, as Demorats charge, a 90-minute political advertisement, which in effect would be an illegal contribution of "in-kind services," he responded by stating that if that's the case, every news report of a car bombing in Iraq would be a free political advertisement for John Kerry. When Hemmer asked if Sinclair is "biased," Hyman said gosh no, I sure hope not, and then proceeded to drip bias from his every word. He said they consider this an "important story" that "deserves to be discussed." So they've obviously decided to stick with the "news programming" line.

Asked if Sinclair would offer John Kerry free time to rebut, he hemmed and hawed a little but essentially said yes, sure, but they haven't finalized the programming yet. The point is to prevent the broadcast, not to rebut it, but if it does air, LET'S TAKE THEM UP ON IT AND DEMAND THEY HONOR THAT PLEDGE.

The man was arrogant, disdainful and just what you'd expect -- clearly a partisan Republican operative.

UPDATE: WaPo has more on the Sinclair management team, including Hyman:

Mark E. Hyman, the company vice president who went to Iraq in search of uplifting news, is an unabashed Bush supporter and Republican Party donor who delivers a daily commentary on Sinclair stations. He told viewers last month that Kerry had enlisted in the Navy to avoid the draft, accusing him of a "pattern of lies, embellishments and exaggerations" and calling the Democratic presidential candidate "just another example of a politician who just cannot be honest. One who twists the facts to support his lust for elected office."


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